Welcome July! Now that we are almost halfway through the summer, you might start to see the damage from days at the pool or beach, travelling, and those long, hot days on your skin. That’s why now is definitely the time to revamp your skin care routine with a few summer recommendations. From soothing redness, to a moisturizing SPF...check out these two skin care products we promise will change how you feel about your summer skin.

Super Soothe Anti-Redness Mask

This is hands down the most amazing skin soother…when your skin is burnt or irritated, a solution with this level of power can reduce redness by 40-60% in just three minutes. So what’s its secret? Aloe vera of course. Known for soothing irritated skin, Aloe vera, especially when paired with other effective botanicals such as Lavender, Arnica, and Canadian Willow Bark, packs a powerful skin soothing punch. Not only do these ingredients work to soothe irritated skin, willow bark even promotes cell renewal for skin that’s been burnt or inflamed.

Daily Protect Oil Free SPF Daytime Moisturizer

Say hello to the perfect two-in-one as this moisturizer is lightweight for the warm weather, but also hydrates while protecting against sun’s harmful rays. Since it combines an SPF and moisturizer, this is ideal for those who may forget to apply SPF on a daily basis. Also suitable for oily skin…this is one product that won’t leave skin shiny or clog pores. And as if all that wasn’t enough...here’s an added bonus you will love. Formulated with botanicals like green tea, the UV filters get a nice little boost from the tea’s antioxidants, which help protect against free radicals that cause premature aging.