Do you choose what you eat or buy at the grocery store by looking at food labels and ingredients? If you’re trying to stick to a healthy eating plan, you stay away from certain ingredients like high fat or sodium content. But here’s a newsflash: you should be doing the same thing with your skin care products! There are loads of ingredients to steer clear of, but parabens and synthetic fragrances are two toxic skin care ingredients to avoid altogether.

You’d be pretty shocked to find out how far the skin care and cosmetic industries go unregulated. Parabens are a chemical that has been found to act like estrogen in the body, raising estrogen levels, which is the reason behind its link to breast cancer. And big brands don’t bat an eyelash using parabens and other harsh chemicals because it’s a cheaper alternative to botanical and natural options. Yikes!

Now that we have your attention, here’s how to avoid putting you or your family in range of this chemical: choose products that have as simple as product lists as possible. Or better yet, find a brand that you trust. For example, our team at Tu’el Skin Care can promise that we are 100% paraben free.

Synthetic Fragrances
Get this: chemicals in fragrances are basically unregulated. Federal laws don’t require companies to disclose ingredients since they are “trade secrets.” And synthetic fragrances don’t always create an attractive scent; they’re also added to simply mask the unpleasant scent of chemicals in lotions, soaps, and other products. And if you aren’t concerned yet, synthetic fragrances can cause headache, dizziness, rash, respiratory distress, and severe allergic reactions. Do you want our professional advice? Stay away from fragrances especially with younger children.

Thanks to high-powered botanicals, our products smell good naturally. And if you want an alternative to fragranced lotions, use pure essential oils.