We haven’t posted about travel in a while and it’s got us thinking: where to next? With fall finally here, our minds immediately went to New York City. If you’re wondering why, well it’s the perfect time of year to visit thanks to the mild weather. Check out the travel guide below, because we pulled together some of our favorite places to visit in New York City.

National 9/11 Memorial & Museum
Any visit to New York must include seeing the National 9/11 Memorial & Museum. This humbling experience honoring the lives of those lost on 9/11 will bring an added element to your visit to New York City. There are several types of tours from visiting Ground Zero to touring the museum itself.

Famous architecture
Some of the most famous attractions in New York City is the architecture, right? We’re talking about the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of American history, both the Empire State Building and the MET draw quite an audience themselves. In fact, the MET’s stunning collection of art is one of the only five-star rated attractions in the city on TripAdvisor.

Entertainment capital
It’s no secret that New York is the east coast’s entertainment capital, which is why we suggest you visit a few of the famous entertainment centers… and there are so many options. You could visit everywhere from the TODAY Plaza to the Lincoln Center. Here are a few destinations that we recommend:

  • Rockefeller Center
  • Times Square
  • Broadway

Central Park
If you’re hoping to visit New York on a budget, then you’re definitely looking around for some free attractions. Spend some time relaxing in Central Park, it’s packed with all kinds of activities. Although it is free to enter, there are some paid attractions like the Central Park Zoo or bike rentals (which we absolutely recommend).

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