At Tu’el, we believe in the power of botanicals to combat skin issues… ingredients like tea tree oil, avocado and green tea are widely used in all of our products. In fact, when our mother, Eva, founded Tu’el in 1984, she relied on the best botanicals for skin just like today… it’s what SWAAY called being “all in the family!” Here is a look at why plant-based ingredients are still as effective today as they were 30 years ago.

Botanicals are not a trend
Unlike other skin care and health fads, botanical skin care has been the best in the business for decades. Eva pushed high-powered botanicals in the skin care industry decades ago, and although we have modernized the brand and products, the core ingredients are still the same. We’re not testing out some new fad that could be detrimental to skin health… botanicals are researched, safe and effective.

Improves overall health
If you read the SWAAY article we linked to above, then you’ll notice our goal is to improve you and your skin’s overall health. Rather than treating one pimple or hydrating, Tu’el products balance and improve overall skin health, which help to achieve our main goal: to make you feel confident and good about your skin. Basically, we’re working from the inside out!

No harsh chemicals
When Eva began her journey in the skin care industry, we were just kids. Naturally, she created something that is safe for us, herself and everyone using the products. So she recruited botanical ingredients in skin care, and refused to rely on animal testing or use fillers, synthetic dyes, parabens, and sulfates. Since products are so pure, Tu’el is 100% safe for all skin types, ages and ethnicities.

You can learn more about Eva and the history of Tu’el, then visit the “About Us” page.