Whether or not you believe mushrooms taste great is up to you, but there’s one way in which mushrooms are actually magical… in acne solutions. Think of the mushroom as a cross between a food and medicine for the skin. In fact, mushrooms have been used for healing for centuries, and their benefits are limitless when applied topically.

High In Vitamin D
You may have heard that you need to “dry out” your skin if you’re dealing with acne, maybe get some sun or take a dip in the pool. This stems from the fact that Vitamin D, which you naturally get from the sun, is a natural born healer. Mushrooms are loaded with this surprising ingredient for acne solutions, which is why Tu’el Rehab Acne Serum uses the power of mushrooms to condition and heal acne lesions.

Anti-inflammatory Properties
Most acne problems are caused by inflammation, which can be accompanied by even more skin conditions like eczema. Here’s how it happens: when your body is fighting the bacteria that causes pimples, your body sends inflammatory chemicals to kill the bacteria. And when your immune system is constantly on alert fighting bacteria, you can only imagine how inflamed the skin can get.

This is where it gets tricky… it’s easy to put it into overdrive by applying more irritating products that promise to zap acne instantly. Don’t make that mistake! Harsh chemicals will only make matters worse. Mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that fight inflammation and take down those nasty free radicals. Look for acne skin products infused with mushroom properties for optimal effectiveness.

Natural Skin Brightener
Even after you’ve fought off acne, your skin can still yield dark spots and light scarring. We already know that mushrooms are high in Vitamin D, and can condition and heal those spots, but what about the discoloration? You guessed it, mushrooms have brightening agents too! Kojic acid, which is found in mushrooms, repairs damage by producing a youthful glow and lightening dark spots. Tu’el Make Amends Night Cream utilizes the brightening agents in mushrooms to improve our complexion overnight.