We’ll say this as a public service announcement: you need to stop picking at your face! There are some super scary reasons as to why you shouldn’t, so keep reading for the real reasons why pimple popping is terrible for your skin, and what you can do instead.

You force bacteria deeper into your skin
So, why is it bad to pick pimples? First of all, you can force bacteria deeper down into your skin…that’s right, you don’t always release the bacteria, it just dives deeper! Instead, use a spot treatment, like Clear It Blemish Control Gel, to clear the skin without drying it out.

Skin can become inflamed
Popping a pimple may make you feel better in the short run, but we promise, it won’t make your face feel better. Squeezing the area around the pimple can obviously damage or inflame the skin, but it could also potentially lead to red skin or broken capillaries in your face.

You leave behind scabs and scars
What’s worse: a pimple or a scab? While a pimple will probably go away in one-to-two days, a scab can take a week to heal! It’s hard enough to cover a pimple with foundation or other makeup, but covering a scab is nearly impossible. Don’t try and find out how to pop a pimple without leaving a scar…your best bet is to leave that to the professionals.

If you weren’t aware already, our fingers and hands are pretty dirty! Non-sterile hands combined with a non-sterile needle or bathroom area are all bad combinations for the skin. Add in an open wound to that duo and it is a beckoning call for a more severe bacterial skin infection like Staph infection.

To powerfully take on pimples, mix equal parts Tu’el Detox Clay Mask and the above mentioned Clear It Gel, and spot treat on breakout areas.