Now that cooler weather is rolling in, you may be breaking out, suffering from dry or oily skin, or suddenly have irritated skin. Believe us, you’re not alone, and there’s a reason for that: there are changes in temperature and seasonal environmental agents that affect your skin in new ways. Keep reading to find out what could be damaging your skin in the five best natural skin care tips for fall.

You still need to wear SPF
If you know anything about Tu’el, then this shouldn’t surprise you. What may surprise you is that SPF is just as crucial in the fall as it is in the summertime. Yes, the sun’s rays are still harmful in the fall, so stick to the same sunscreen dedication that you would in July. Daily Protect SPF 30 Daytime Moisturizer recruits botanicals like Green Tea to keep skin hydrated while defending against the sun.

Moisturization is crucial to hydrating dry skin in cold weather
You may already know this, but as the temperatures drop, your skin becomes dryer and dryer. But why!? Well, cold air has less moisture. And we can’t forget that indoor heaters produce such dry air that it just adds to the problem. Moisturizers, such as the luxurious Moisture Plus Treatment Mask, are crucial, but focus on applying your moisturizer directly after a shower to lock in moisture.

Less contrast in indoor/outdoor temperature can relieve inflammation
If you’re struggling with newfound inflammation, then you may be facing a lot of contrast between cold outdoor and warm indoor temperatures. Not surprisingly, your skin has a hard time adjusting between these extremes without getting inflamed. To prevent inflammation, create a barrier between your skin and harsh environments by applying SPF in the morning.

Regularly exfoliate in fall
One of the key natural skin care tips for fall is regular exfoliation. Since weather cools, we wear heavier materials and longer sleeves… all of which are a sharp contrast to those summertime shorts and tanktops. Since skin easily gets dry, try to wear more breathable materials. However, those with sensitive skin may begin to develop eczema or Keratosis Pilaris. Counteract the dryness by exfoliating with botanical products, like Power Scrub Exfoliating Wash.

Change your pillowcase more often
Seasonal acne is real, and many people suffer from breakouts when the weather shifts. If you don’t focus on finding how to hydrate skin early enough, skin will overproduce oil during cold months. If there’s one area that your face touches the most, it’s your pillow. Since your skin leaves all that excess oil behind, change pillowcases often to help clear breakouts.

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