We’re always looking for ways to preserve and improve our complexions.

And while we love a great skincare hack, nothing gets the job done better than thoughtfully developing your skincare ritual and routinely looking for ways to improve it. Here are six of our latest and brightest ways to bring your inner beauty out.

Anti-Inflammatory foods

We know you’ve gotten earfuls about eating for the overall health of your skin. Inflammation is activated by the immune system in response to a tissue injury - think redness and swelling. If you’ve had a nasty breakout (or even the lone blemish) then you’ve noticed your body’s natural response to your little unwanted friend. Eating anti-inflammatory foods will help your skin heal and clear more quickly. Bonus: many anti-inflammatory foods are also high in antioxidants, anti-aging gold mines.

Fish oil, be it in wild caught salmon or a fish oil supplement, is full of anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids. This may be the age of the gluten wary, but if you don’t have an intolerance, whole grains combat acne and inflammation. Pop a turmeric supplement or drink tumeric tea for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Go heavy on green foods, which promote an alkaline environment in the body and calm inflammation.

Give Yourself a Mini Treatment

Or eye lift or neck lift or lip treatment or…you get the picture. We love carving out a few extra minutes once or twice a week to deliver a little extra pampering. Invest in some good masks, make sure you have a trusted exfoliator on hand, and don’t skimp on paying your skin the attention it deserves in between visits to your dermatologist or esthetician.

Our favorite mini treatment? Cleanse skin gently. Make certain any remaining eye makeup is removed. Apply a dollop of Tu’el’s Lift Up Firming Mask around the delicate eye area. Be sure to smooth a thin layer over any crow’s feet. Allow to dry and tighten – usually 5-6 minutes. Remove gently with water. Apply Tu’el’s Eye Corrector – its lightening and firming gel formula will penetrate deep. Allow to dry and then apply Tu’el’s Eye Revive. Let the firming and plumping peptides go to work.

Life Aquatic

When it comes to taking supplements for your health and skin, don’t be limited by land. The sea has superfoods too! Greens and algae like sea weed and chlorella from under the sea are waiting to bestow their antioxidants and nutrients on you. In our cabinets lately? Spirulina is our new go-to supplement, an algae that boosts energy and immunity, supports cardiovascular and brain health, and gets your complexion glowing. Although Spirulina is found all over the world, we gravitate towards the supplements sourced from Hawaiian sea water.

Read the fine print

Read the ingredient lists on your skincare. Better yet, read the ingredient lists on any products or foods you consume, bathe in, cleanse with, or slather all over your body. You deserve products from companies who believe in transparency. Skincare is no exception to this rule. Be an informed consumer and if there’s an ingredient you don’t recognize, Google it. Keep your eye out for and avoid products with sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances.

Treat ALL of your skin

We’re guilty of forgetting about the skin below our necks, but hey, ninety percent of your skin is down there! It needs your love and care too. Start by using the products you cleanse, moisturize and preserve with on your neck and décolleté. These areas can be the first to show signs of aging. Invest in a good body lotion. Make certain yours is rich in botanicals and pure essential oils. Many body lotions tend to be more filler than function. We think your arms and legs and chest and hands and feet and all you’re working with deserve better. Check out our Botanical Blast Ultra Rich Body Lotion if you want your body lotion goals met.

Baby Your Skin

Be a little kinder to your skin than you have to. Take the extra minutes. Drink the extra water. Get fifteen minutes more rest. Reapply sun protection when in doubt. The skin you’re in is all you get.

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