There are boatloads of cosmetic products for highlighting, illuminating and adding luminance and radiance to skin. And while we understand that sometimes you might want to fake it, we believe there’s no substitute for coming by that glow honestly. Glowing skin is healthy skin.


How to achieve a natural glow? We’re all about refinishing your skin. Out with the old skin cells and in with the new. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to putting off light like the constellation of stars you are.


Step Number One


Exfoliate! Your skin looks radiant when it reflects light. Your skin reflects light when it’s smooth. As you age your cell turnover slows. Dead skin cells build up and prevent light from refracting. In your thirties, forties and beyond your skin needs more and more help sloughing them off.


Make exfoliating an integral part of your skincare routine. For powerful and semi-regular treatments (frequency depends on the thickness of your skin) try our Power Peel. Engineered with 10% exfoliating Glycolic Acid, our formula is perfectly balanced to accelerate your skin’s natural process of cell renewal. Super-exfoliant Glycolic Acid targets and removes dead skin cells. Aloe vera and Vitamin B5 soothe and moisturize to promote healing and catalyze new cell growth. The result is toned, tightened, smoother and brighter skin.


Introduce Power Scrub to your routine, 1-3 times per week. Finely granulated Pumice and Diatomaceous Earth exfoliate dead skin, unclog pores and speed up skin's renewal process. Tea Tree and Lemongrass tone and heal while Vitamin E and Chamomile condition and calm.


After you exfoliate you should add moisture and nutrients. Hydrate and a night cream after exfoliating will keep your skin glowing. The skin healing properties of Hydrate will keep your skin radiant and moisturized. A night cream will complete the exfoliation process by adding nutrients and protecting the new skin cells. We like to call the whole process Peel and Heal. 


Step Number Two


Eat for that Glow! Once you’ve added exfoliating to your skincare ritual, you need to make certain the new skin cells you’re uncovering are healthy and happy. And what better way than with food!


We’re in luck. October is the heyday for one of the most beneficial foods for your skin. Pumpkin seeds are the best friend you didn’t know you have. They pack a powerful dose of essential fatty acids, such as Omegas 3, 6 and 9, and are high in skin-clearing zinc. These good fats assist in cell renewal and help combat wrinkles.


For optimal benefits, roast your own or find an unsalted version at your local grocery store. Sprinkle them on salads, eat them by the handful, or blend in smoothies. And no, we don’t think that pumpkin syrup from Starbucks will have the same benefits – no matter how good it is in a latte.


Arugula! We can’t get enough of this peppery green. It has what it takes to get your skin gorgeous. Vitamin A and sulfur clarify, while the chlorophyll in arugula is a fierce detoxifier. Substitute raw arugula for other greens in your salad and toss lightly in olive oil, lemon juice, and honey.


Touted by raw food advocates, radishes are your miracle ingredient. They’re high in sulfur and Vitamin C, which boost collagen production, strengthen skin and stimulate the circulatory system. Get that blood pumping and eat them with hummus or chopped in salads.


We also love salmon. Plentiful with good fats that counteract inflammatory compounds in your body, salmon acts to banish wrinkles, accelerate cell renewal and protect against cell damage. Beware that not all seafood is created equal and not all fish have skin-beautifying properties. Some warm water fish with high levels of mercury are downright dangerous to eat frequently. Look for fresh, wild caught Atlantic or Sockeye Salmon or even sustainably farmed cold-water salmon. Don’t like the taste of salmon but want the benefits? Take a fish oil supplement – we like Nordic Naturals that can be found in most health food stores or purchased over Amazon. 


Step Number Three


Keep a balanced life.  We know, easier said than done. But we’re big believers in getting enough sleep and exercising regularly to keep your skin clear and glowing.


There’s a reason the old adage “get your beauty rest” just won’t quit. It’s for real. Your skin and body go into repair mode when you’re asleep. Regular sleep optimizes naturally occurring levels of human growth hormone. Human growth hormone promotes cell turnover and collagen production. Lack of sleep or disrupted sleep derails this process. Experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep nightly. But more isn’t always better. Studies show that getting too much sleep is as damaging to your skin as getting too little. And remember, you can’t bank sleep. Sleeping until noon on Saturday and Sunday is no substitute for getting a healthy amount nightly.


Exercise increases circulation, flushes out toxins and assists in delivering nutrients to the skin. When pores dilate, sweat is expelled along with trapped dirt and oil. Remember to cleanse skin gently after working out to clear away purged toxins and excess oil.


When you exercise the tiny arteries in your skin pump more blood to the skin’s surface and deliver nutrients that repair damage from the sun and environmental aggressors, supercharge skin’s collagen-producing cells and minimize wrinkles and fine lines. 


Think of your workout as you would a mini facial. It’s free and you can start today.


Follow these three easy steps and you’ll be on your way to a happier, healthier and more radiant you! Look at you glow.