So long summer months! You were sweet while you lasted, but the suggestion of fall is in the air and we’re ready for the leaves to turn golden. September is the perfect time to rehab your skin if the season took its toll. Long days spent outside can leave you with hyperpigmentation, breakouts, sun damage and dehydrated skin. Now is the time to reverse, repair and protect! Roll into fall with your best face forward by following these quick tips.

Sun Protection

Level with us. Whether you were sipping mojitos poolside, worshipping Mother Nature at her finest, gardening in the backyard or eating peanuts at a baseball game – pro or pee wee – you likely got sun this summer. We know – we hope – you slathered on the sunscreen, donned hats and kept inside during peak intensity hours.


Recently, the US Surgeon General reported an increase in the cases of deadly Melanoma of 200% over the last 30 years. The deadliest cancer in the United States is no laughing matter. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of wearing sunscreen – not only during summer months but year round, too! Don’t drop your guard against the sun’s harmful rays because the temperature is dropping. Make sunscreen one of the first things you put on each morning and remember to reapply every two hours or immediately following any activity where it is washed away. Consider using one of our broad spectrum daily moisturizers like Daily Protect or Daily Protect Oil Free, both SPF 30. They are formulated with the latest in sun protection and pass all FDA requirements.

Skin cancer is curable – if caught early. Check your skin regularly following the ABCD’s of Melanoma Prevention and see your dermatologist regularly and with concerns.


Damage Be Gone

Should-have, could-have, would-haves don’t do jack if you’re dealing with sun damage post Labor Day. Come end of summer, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and acne are common woes. Want to eat for your skin’s recovery? Seek out foods that contain selenium like tomatoes, broccoli, fish, eggs and Brazil nuts. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that boosts your immune system, protects against skin cancer and helps reverse sun damage. Eating just four Brazil nuts a day provides the recommended daily amount of selenium for adults. Zinc rich foods such as fresh fish, lean red meat, whole grains, poultry, nuts and seeds help repair skin damage. Also, try cutting out refined sugars and dairy to curtail breakouts.


We may lament the end of summer produce, but remember, there are a lot of fruits and vegetables to be had throughout the fall. Apples, pears, kale, antioxidant-packed pomegranates and persimmons are some of our favorites.  Seek out your local farmers market (many run year round) and revel in the bounty.

 In addition to eating for your health, drink for it, too. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate with water and caffeine free teas, and avoid sugary beverages and alcohol that inflame and dehydrate your skin.

Deal with summer regrets by trying a serum that will help banish hyperpigmentation and encourage cell turnover. We don’t know of any better than our newest serum, The Secret. The Secret’s salmon roe water proteins act as a bio-specific exfoliant that mimics your skin’s enzymes. It gently targets dead skin cells to eliminate them and catalyzes rapid cell renewal. Its citrus stem cells help produce elastin and firm your skin.  Its unparalleled Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid locks in your skin’s moisture and is a fierce free radical eliminator. The Secret is seriously revolutionary.


Mind and Body

You’re back in the autumn grind, not a summer holiday in sight, and you’re gearing up for what’s to come. Combat stress by keeping your mind and spirit at peace. We get centered with these free guided meditations from UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center.


Keep your beach body under those sweaters. While the weather is temperate, catch a morning or evening walk or run with your loved ones. September is the calm before the storm and it’s the perfect time to get outside before weather drives you in. Revel in the last outdoor swim of the season. Find that heated or indoor pool for laps. Raining? Opt for your local high school track rather than a trail run. Don’t wait until your New Year’s resolution to try that yoga or spin studio you’ve been eyeing.


The best way to cap off the summer and ring in the fall? Do something kind for yourself. September is National Self-Improvement Month after all. Pamper and repair your skin with a new body lotion and try our brand-spanking-new Botanical Blast, an ultra-rich formula with 15 cold-pressed plant extracts. Start a morning ritual with a mug of Rooibos tea, a naturally caffeine free plant loaded with antioxidants. Your body will be humming its praises. Or carve out a few minutes a day to read a beach-worthy book in the comfort of your home.


The point is, use September to take care of yourself. And don’t forget to follow our blog and for daily doses of inspiration, follow us @tuelskincare on Twitter.


Here’s to keeping you gorgeous!