We’re all about setting, meeting and remaking goals.

Bucket lists don’t need to be long-term, end of life stuff. Instead we enjoy dreaming up mini-milestones that we can reach in the short term. Nothing gives us a rush like the little victories in life.

And what better time than in the final weeks of spring, just a few away from the summer solstice, to spruce up the upcoming season’s bucket list?

From silly to serious, here are a few of our mini-must-dos for the summer months.

This is the summer we find the perfect summer hat AND strut with the confidence needed to pull it off. Bonus points to anyone who pairs it with the perfect shades.

We often try new foods but tend to stick to the same old summer beverages. Not this summer. We want to reinvent the poolside beverage for an afternoon with friends. Rather than serve up a sugary, alcoholic concoction, we’re taking it to the next level and indulging in something new. We’re thinking about sipping Food Republic’s Spicy Green Juice. Jalapeño, anyone?

This summer we want to put our money where our mouths are. There are 9.1 million businesses owned by women in the U.S. and we’re going to make it our mission to shop at more of them. Tu’el is a woman-owned company (Grandma Eva founded it over 30 years ago!) so we’re going to show some solidarity and support our business-owning-sisters. Also on our shopping-related bucket list? Making an effort to frequent independently owned businesses in general.

We want to check off as many books as we can from our to-be-read list over the next three months. And we’re not just talking beach reads. On our bedside tables currently: brand new thriller, LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE by Jessica Knoll, and we’re eagerly awaiting Harper Lee’s GO SET A WATCHMAN in July.

Because we’re the skin savvy type, we’ve got to throw one in about your beauty and health. Put making it through the summer without experiencing so much as one sunburn on your bucket list. No more excuses. Sunscreen up your face and revealed skin every-single-day (even when the summer sun isn’t shining) and reapply.

So what’s on your bucket list for the summer? Share with other readers and add your summer goals to the comments below! And don’t forget to follow our blog and for daily doses of inspiration, follow us @tuelskincare on Twitter and Instagram.

Here’s to keeping you as beautiful and inspired on the outside as you are on the inside!