You’re not alone if you’ve noticed a sudden onslaught of body acne. It goes like this: the summer season starts, weather heats up, and all of a sudden, you’ve got chest and back acne like never before…what gives? It happens to the best of us for several reasons. But most importantly, it’s preventable. Here’s your guide to what’s causing this seasonal acne and how to treat it.

Your workouts don’t stop during summer

The formula is pretty simple: Higher Temperatures + More Sweat = Worse Breakouts We all know that sweat causes bacteria build-up, but when the weather is hotter than usual, we sweat even more. Plus, your athletic clothing can trap in that moisture making your body the perfect bacterial breeding ground. Get out of those clothes and shower ASAP! You can better control breakouts by spending the least amount of time in those sweaty clothes.

You’re not washing your body with the appropriate treatment

It’s amazing how much we’ll spend on face wash, moisturizers and professional treatments, but we forget about body care. Your skin deserves that same high-quality treatment. Products like the Green Clean Invigorating Body Wash are an ideal swap for any drugstore body washes you have at home. This wash cleanses the skin and nourishes at the same time to prevent irritation and dryness.

Sunscreen and bug spray are clogging your pores

It’s not always the first thing that comes to mind, but sunscreen and bug spray are some of the most common body acne causes. And definitely don’t stop the use of these products either. They’re so important for protection against environmental hazards, just understand how they contribute to skin problems. First, you’re not changing your clothes soon after use, or you’re even forgetting to wash them. After a beach day, take off those clothes you wore to the beach and wash them. The sunscreen gets on your clothes just like your body, and the leftover oils can easily fuel your acne. Second, you’re not washing off the leftover sunscreen and bug spray residue in proper time. Both clog your pores and should be cleansed from the skin immediately after use.

You’re using oily lotion on already-oily skins

Heat can cause the skin to produce even more oil, and if you have oily skin in general, then your acne will easily flare up. Plus, the heat can dry out your skin quickly, which means you’re likely in operation rehydrate! If you’re using oily products to moisturize that dry skin, then you’re clogging up your pores even more. You absolutely need to moisturize during summer, just make sure your lotion is high quality and not making the problem worse.