There are just some things in the world that go together like peanut butter and jelly. Dogs and cats may not be a great example, but do you know what is? Consistent skin care and clean eating habits! If your goal is to have beautifully clear skin, you need to be diligent in the kitchen too… update your meal prep by including these superfoods for clear skin.

If you’re not already on the almond hype, you sure need to be! Almonds are mega-rich in Vitamin E, which is an ingredient used widely in Tu’el products. While the excess Vitamin E can help protect skin from damage, never think you’re protected enough to leave behind sun protectioncl. In addition, almond products are just an all-around smart choice as an alternative to dairy products.

Kale and spinach
As trendy as kale is, spinach is just as packed with goodness. The volume of vitamins, calcium, and beta-carotene is why kale and spinach are some of the best foods for clear skin… in fact, both superfoods are also exploding with iron. While this is an alternative to red meat for vegetarians, the resulting healthy oxygen levels also cause the skin to have a rosy glow.

Dark chocolate
Unfortunately, we’re not talking about milk chocolate or white chocolate; the food for healthy skin we’re talking about is 70% dark chocolate! Dark cocoa is flowing with flavonoids, which are basically superheroes that defend your body daily. Add some 70% dark cocoa into your diet to better prevent lines, wrinkles and premature aging…it isn’t the worst prescription you’ve been given, is it!?

You may have never thought of seaweed, but it is absolutely one of our favorite superfoods for clear skin. Seaweed and sea minerals are powerful superfoods that aid circulation, moisturize and improve skin firmness! One of the easiest sources of seaweed is through enjoying a sushi meal… pair with the Tu’el algae-powered Lift Up Anti Aging Firmness Mask to combine your skin care and dietary teams!