Holidays have you thinking about family? Us too.

Family defines us, makes us laugh, lends support in times of need, and drives us crazy in the way only relatives can. There’s nothing like the holidays when families come together, from near and far, to gather around the table and give thanks for what matters in life.

Family plays a big role in our day to day here at Tu’el. We’ve been a family owned business since our founding in 1979.

Our company’s heritage is entwined with our family history. The two cannot be separated. This legacy continues on and shapes everything we do at Tu’el. From the products we develop, to our core mission as a family-owned business, to the responsibility we feel in providing our customers and clients with skincare we stand behind. We believe in friendly, transparent, and quality business. Many of our clients have been with us for years and have come to feel a little like family.

It all started with Eva Friederichs, the matriarch of our clan, and founder of our skincare company. In 1963 Eva, a fiercely smart, bright-eyed beauty, packed her family of nine in a VW bus and moved from Philadelphia to California. Shortly after, she opened a beauty salon.

After years of serving the diverse cliental of the San Francisco Bay Area, Eva set out on a mission to create a skincare line that would fit American culture. From the start Eva embraced science and the best nature had to offer. She worked with leading chemists on the forefront of using botanicals in skincare as she formulated her line. By 1982 Eva had established herself as an innovator, one who transformed and professionalized what it meant to be an esthetician in California. She left her indelible mark on the industry.

Eva’s focus was never limited to her own business goals; she valued inspiring a new generation of female entrepreneurs in esthetics and mentored numerous women on how to be successful in the skincare industry.

And while Eva succeeded broadly, she also inspired many in her family to follow in her footsteps.

Our company, founded by Eva so many years ago, has been run by two of her daughters, Lori and Lisa, since 2000. The future is looking bright with an even younger generation of Eva’s descendants on board, helping to shape and steer the family legacy for years to come. Tu’el has become a multi-generational project of passion and expertise.

Our line is a blend of science, heritage, and passion.

We’re sure you can see why we enjoy reflecting on where we’ve come from and where we’re headed. There’s so much in store for Tu’el in 2016 and we’re grateful to have you all along for the ride.

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A warm and peaceful happy holidays to your family from ours!