We know you have places to go and people to see. Whether you have the heart of a wanderer, are a savvy business traveler, or a stay-close-to-home kind of weekender, we have great news. Your skin doesn’t need to look worse for the wear and tear of being away from your bathroom vanity for a day - or even twenty. Tu’el’s three Rs have your back. Ground and center your skincare regime while you’re far from home. Put your best face forward in those vacation snapshots, don’t leave colleagues with a less than radiant first impression and return home looking as fabulous as you did when you set out for the great wide beyond.

Rest Up.

Get your beauty rest. Easier said than done, we know. Whether you’re jetting halfway round the world or taking the red eye to make a Monday full of meet and greets, sleep is hard to come by when you’re on the move. But here’s the thing, it’s when you’re on the go that your body and skin most need a break to repair. Regular sleep optimizes naturally occurring levels of human growth hormone, which in turn promotes cell turnover and collagen production. Lack of sleep derails this process. Experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep nightly, so plan ahead and bring your favorite all-natural sleep aid tea bags (we love Organic Nighty Night by Traditional Medicinals), pack a sleep mask if you’ll be catching up with daytime naps in your hotel room, or beat jetlag by taking the recommended dosage of Melatonin before you nod off to sleep at night and wake refreshed and adjusted to the clock.


You already know that your body is about 60 percent water. And while every system in your body depends on water, its detoxifying benefits are particularly necessary for skin health and appearance. Your skin is your body’s protective barrier and without water, your skin begins to look dehydrated, dry and wrinkled. Water is the elixir of health and beauty, but we get it, drinking the daily recommended amount while you’re on the go can prove a nuisance or downright difficult. Long road trip have you stuck in the car making it next to impossible to refill your water bottle? Try building stops into your itinerary for refilling your reusable water bottle and for the inevitable restroom breaks you’ll need. Leaving an extra fifteen or twenty minutes in your schedule is worth cleansing toxins from your body and rehydrating skin. Jetsetting around can be a blast. We love to globetrot and connect with people around the world as much as anyone. So why is being 30,000 plus feet up in the air so rough on your body? The altitude, low humidity and changes in pressure mess with the oxygen saturation of your blood and your body’s ability to circulate fluids. Being trapped in a too tiny seat for hours on end doesn’t help either, as sitting for extended periods of time causes your blood to pool in your lower extremities. What’s even worse for your skin? The air being drawn in by the plane comes from whatever environment is outside of the airplane at any given time, meaning that for the majority of your flight, you’re surrounded by air from extremely dry, high-altitude areas of the atmosphere.

While airborne, the plane is drier than a DESERT.

No wonder our hands become scratchy, our lips chap and our complexions are irritated and parched at baggage claim. To deal with this extreme environment and to limit its damage on your skin, don’t be shy about asking the flight attendants for refills of water in those itty-bitty cups they give you. Buy a bottle of water the instant you get through security in the airport and carry it on the flight as back up. And DO hydrate before your flight. Try to drink at least 8 ounces of water for every hour that you’re airborne. Nervous about needing to use the restroom too often? Don’t be. Getting up multiple times, stretching your legs, aiding your body’s circulatory system and using the restroom are the best things you could do for your body on a long flight. Also, try not to drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages directly before or during your flight. These liquids act as diuretics, dehydrating you further.

For long flights, don’t skimp on your skincare routine just because you’re in lower space. Carry on travel-sized versions of your cleansers, moisturizers and serums. Believe us, your skin is going to need a little love and caring and you’ll disembark looking refreshed even if you feel jetlagged.


Travel can pose problems of space and time for your skincare rituals. Keep your skincare routines even if you’re moving through time zones. Don’t skip cleansings because of jetlag – you’ll only be trading one kind of discomfort for another. Don’t leave your usual skincare regime at home in favor of using mystery products (containing we don’t want to imagine what) in hotel rooms.

Whether you need travel-sized products that meet Transportation Security Administration requirements for your carry-on or are checking luggage for a month long sojourn, our products make ideal travel companions.


Did you know that we have mini packs of all your favorite cleansing systems? They’re custom made for your individual skin type and include smaller versions of the products that keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated at home. In addition to including our custom morning and evening cleansers, the travel packs come with a travel-sized (and all-time best seller!) Hydrate Super Serum Moisture Gel. Trust us, your skin will be singing its praises. Each individual pack also includes sample sizes of products that fit your skin type’s needs while away from home.

Our favorite thing about our travel packs? These kits are TRAVEL-SIZED, light in weight and fit right into your carry on (they meet TSA requirements!), purse, or briefcase.

Want to check them out? Determine what skin type you have and happy shopping.

Dry and parched skin? Nourish condition with our Dry Skin Travel Pack.

Combination skin? Eliminate excess oil production and neutralize combination skin’s pH balance with our Combo Skin Travel Pack.

Have an oil slick problem? Bust excess oil production with Oily Skin Travel Pack.

Skin reactive or sensitive? Our finely-tuned Reactive Skin Travel Pack is for you.

Acne your plight? Control breakouts on the road with Acne Skin Travel Pack.

Skin over 40 or showing signs of premature aging? Rejuvenate withAnti-Aging Travel Pack.


So far this has been a lot of face time. How about a little love for the rest of our skin? Abso-freaking-lutely, we say.

We are over the moon to be offering (for the first time ever!) a Body Travel Kit and a travel-sized version that includes our highly coveted body products Triple Splash 3 in 1 Hydrating Body Tonic, Botanical Blast Ultra Rich Body Lotion and Green Clean Invigorating Body Wash. Bring this trio on your next trip and healthy skin won’t stop at the neckline. These body-centered products provide maximum moisture, nourishment and conditioning with revolutionary formulas rich in natural botanicals, exfoliants and detoxifying essential oils.

There is no place like home, but with a little help from the three Rs (Rest, Rehydrate, Routine!) you and your skin will have happy and healthy travels.

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Here’s to keeping you healthy and gorgeous!