Happy New Year, Firecrackers! The beginning of the year is one of our favorite times at Tu’el. We enjoy the dazzle of possibility, looking forward, reassessing, and making plans. And let’s be honest, after all those late nights, glasses of holiday cheer, and chocolate covered wonders, your skin is likely craving a little consistency and thoughtful contemplation to set it in order.

With the holidays firmly behind you, January is the ideal time to reassess your skincare needs. With no further ado, Tu’el’s three steps for putting your best face forward in 2015.

The Basics.

You know your go-to black T-shirt that falls just so? Or that tried-and-true pair of blue jeans that always hug just the right places? There’s a lot to be said for the basics. We believe that there’s no better time to get back to them than at the beginning of a fresh year. You don’t need to play groupie to January’s newest (and sometimes temporary) skincare trend. The basics can be revolutionary. A basic skincare regime, when formulated for your individual skin type, will transform your skin into something that you’re eager to wear every single day. 

Take your time on the fundamentals: cleanse, nourish, and protect. These are your skincare basics and all the specialized treatments, exfoliants, serums, and masks in the world won’t be effective without them. Only properly cleansed skin is prepared to receive serums and masks, so get the basics right and results will follow.

What are your basics? What do your cleanse with? What do you moisturize and nourish with? And lastly (but definitely not least) what do you use to protect your skin from the sun?

The holidays can be hectic. Get back into the routine of applying sun protection daily. Cleanse your face in the morning and every evening before you go to bed – in other words, no more skipping your evening cleanse because it’s late and you’ve had a little bubbly. Baby, it’s cold outside, and your skin needs its moisture. Don’t forget to nourish it.  


What were your skincare goals in 2014? Were you aiming for fewer wrinkles? Angling to banish hyperpigmentation? Trying to get less sun and remember sun protection daily? How did you do?

Let how you did in 2014 inform your goals for 2015. Not always faithful to your daytime moisturizer with SPF? Resolve to be in the new year. Were you a pro at using eye treatments last year? Don’t neglect the rest of your face and neck; tweak your regime to treat all of your outer beauty. Did you find an anti-aging serum you loved (say, The Secret)? Now’s the time to step up your game and pair it with a tightening mask (may we recommend, Lift Up Anti-Aging Firming Mask)

January is the perfect time to reflect and set goals.

So go on and ask, where is your skin now? Where do you want your skin to be next month or the next or in twelve? And don’t forget, Tu’el has product lines designed for your individual skin type, to help get you there. You can even shop by skin concern on our website.

Take stock.

This one is twofold. First, don’t wait for spring cleaning. Clear out your cluttered medicine cabinet shelves now. Empty and organize your vanity drawer. Start the year out caring for your skin with a freshly organized workspace. Trust us, not needing to sort through old bottles to reach your new ones will make a difference.

Perhaps more importantly though, January is a great time to take stock of the ingredients in the products you use. Not all skincare companies are created equal and not all skincare companies are forthcoming about what’s going into their products and onto your face. Ingredient labels in skincare aren’t like the ingredient labels on the back of your cereal box. The personal care industry isn’t highly regulated and some skincare companies choose not to disclose all ingredients on their packaging. Unfortunately, the ingredients they leave off are usually the ones that might stop you from buying their product.

Know before you buy.

At Tu’el we believe in transparency. We believe in an informed consumer. We list our ingredients on our packaging and website so that you can decide what does and doesn’t go onto your skin. Don’t know what something is? Go ahead and contact us, we’ll tell you. It’s just that simple.

January is all about laying your foundation, getting the basics right.

We’re looking forward to having a healthy and happy year with you!