If you’ve been reading our blog over the last few months then you’re on to us: We use the best of biotechnology and the finest natural ingredients in our serums, moisturizers and sun protection. Our proprietary formulas are designed to be potent and to deliver unparalleled results. Bottom line, they’re effective and your skin (and ours) is singing their praises.


But here’s the thing. For our serums, moisturizes and sun protection to be at their most effective, they need to be applied to skin that has been properly cleansed.


Which leads us to ask you…have you met our cleansers?


Cleansing is the name of the game, and although it’s always important to stick to cleansing twice daily (really one of the most vital things you can do for your skin’s health and appearance), it’s especially important headed into the hectic holiday season. Hosting Thanksgiving for a family of thirty? Staying at the in-laws for a week in December? Indulging in sugar cookies and eggnog? You don’t need to look as stressed or sugar-rushed as you are. Perfect your cleansing regime now and you’ll be photo ready when Great Aunt Mildred whips out her camera for a family photo session – or ten.


The most important step you can take to cleanse your skin properly is one you take before you ever apply the product.


At Tu’el we believe that your skin is best cleansed by products designed for your individual skin type. Cleansing should balance your skin’s pH, neutralize free radicals, eliminate toxins and pore congestion and prepare the skin for serums and creams. It can only do that if it has been formulated with your skin’s needs in mind. This is why we offer cleansing systems for the six major skin types.


Ever heard the phrase ‘it’s written in the stars’? At Tu’el we believe your skin type is written in your pores. Find our Skin Consultation, including illustrative pore diagrams, here and see which skin type you have – seriously, you might be surprised.


Whether you have dry, combination, oily, reactive and sensitive, acne, or mature skin, we have a cleansing system formulated for you. Our cleansing systems are comprised of gel or milk cleansers to be used in the morning and cleansing oils and herbal toners to be combined for your wash at night. Why multiple cleansers? Your skin has different needs in the AM and PM. In the morning our custom milk and gel cleansers, packed with vitamins, plant extracts and antioxidants, work to remove surface debris, condition and add moisture. In the evening our cleansing oils and herbal toners are formulated to deliver the most effective deep pore cleanse you’ll ever experience. They’ll reach into your pores, bind with oil and congestion and cleanse your skin of make-up, sun-protection, daytime products and environmental pollutants.

And now (drum roll please) introducing our cleansing systems by skin type!


Dry and parched skin? Nourish, replenish and condition with our Say Goodbye to Dry Antioxidant Cleanser in the morning. At night use our moisturizing and rejuvenating Moisture Plus Cleansing Oil, followed by Moisture Plus Herbal Toner.


Skin of two minds? Eliminate excess oil production and neutralize combination skin’s pH balance by cleansing with Balancing Act Antioxidant Cleanser in the AM. At night use our Balancing Act Cleansing Oil, followed by Balancing Act Herbal Toner. This trio’s neutralizing properties are just what you need.


Oily skin? Brimming with oil-busting ingredients, Control Yourself Power Wash Gel will serve you best in the morning. In the evening use Balancing Act Cleansing Oil, combined with Balancing Act Herbal Toner to curb excess oil production with a formula full of natural astringents.


Skin reactive or sensitive? Our finely-tuned Stop Being Sensitive Antioxidant Cleanser has your back in the morning. Let our Calm Down Cleansing Oil and Calm Down Herbal Toner soothe and cleanse your skin at night.


Is Acne your plight? Let’s Be Clear Here Power Wash Gel will refresh, control oil production for the day and act as both an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. Detox Cleansing Oil and Detox Herbal Toner will work to eliminate breakouts through the night.


Skin over 40 or showing signs of premature aging? Stimulate new collagen growth and rejuvenate with Beat the Clock Anti-Aging Cleanser in the morning and evening cleanse with Rescue Me Cleansing Oil and Rescue Me Herbal Toner.

And remember, technique is everything. Here’s how best to use our cleansing systems.


For your AM cleanse, moisten hands and massage gel or antioxidant cleanser onto face and neck. Add water to emulsify and gradually rinse off. For PM cleanse, begin with dry hands and dry face, and massage 3 pumps of cleansing oil onto dry skin. Don’t be shy – be gentle but vigorous. Next, massage 3 pumps of herbal toner over cleansing oil thoroughly. Add cool water gradually to emulsify. Cleansing oil and herbal toner will turn milky white – this means you’re doing it right! Rinse with water until you no longer feel the cleansing solution.


And BAM, you’ve cleansed your skin so it’s ready to receive serums and creams.


Stick to these morning and night rituals through the hectic months to come and you’ll be posing for those family snapshots rather than hiding from them. And remember, you are gorgeous.