Maybe the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds in your neck of the woods, but temperatures throughout the country are freezing and winter weather advisories abound.

There’s light at the end of the polar vortex shaped tunnel – winter won’t last forever! While it’s still a bit too early to break out our sun-sational plans for spring, there’s plenty that you can be doing for your health and beauty to end the winter without feeling and looking gloomy.

Take advantage of what the season has to offer and live March up.

Evaluate Your Skin

You’ve been covering up and keeping out of the sun for months, now is the perfect time to focus on your skin’s health.

You haven’t been applying faux-glow, you’re not baring limbs painted with bronzer or highlighter and there’s nothing to prevent you from seeing the variations in your skin. If you notice any changes in mole size, shape or color, see a dermatologist ASAP. Skin cancer is curable – but you need to catch it early. Follow the ABCD’s of Melanoma Prevention and seek medical attention for concerns.

Getting Dark Early? Good Night Moon.

Getting quality sleep is a game changer for your complexion’s health and there’s no time like the present.

Take advantage of shorter days while you still can, it’s already staying lighter later. Turn in earlier than you will in the summer when daylight lasts past most kiddie bedtimes. Allow your skin to repair itself during a solid eight hours of undisturbed sleep. This means turning your cell phone off or turning on its Do Not Disturb mode.

There’s nothing quite like snuggling under your flannels when the weather’s blustery outside. Turn in early and reap the benefits.

End of Winter Bounty

Guess what? Even though the ground is frozen, the produce aisle isn’t nearly as desolate.

Dark, leafy greens abound. Kale, broccoli and collard greens are grown in cold weather and are plentiful in grocery and natural food stores throughout the winter. Studies show that Vitamin E found in these veggies protects the body and skin from inflammatory molecules. These superfoods are high in minerals like calcium, iron and phytochemicals. The icing on the cake? They keep your skin clear and radiant.

Anti-inflammatory superstar fennel is also in season. Think you’re not a fan because this veggie tastes like black licorice? Think again. The fennel root has almost none of the black licorice verve its stalks and leaves pack. Chopped up and raw in a salad or thrown into the juicer with greens, this root has a subtle flavor that’s refreshing.

Growing weary of tangerines, oranges, satsumas, clementines, minneola tangelos, grapefruits and (need we go on) mandarins? Re-think your citrus-exhaustion. Eat plenty of citrus for its skin-beautifying and health-affirming properties. Citrus is calcium and Vitamin C packed, both vitally important to skin. Low levels of calcium in your skin can make you more likely to show signs of premature aging and are correlated with a higher risk of skin cancer. Vitamin C boosts naturally occurring collagen, helps reduce inflammation, brightens dark spots and fights free radicals.

Because It’s Worth Repeating: HYDRATE

Drinking water is a health and beauty fundamental. Don’t reduce your intake just because you’re not outside, sweating the summer away. Go the extra mile and contact your water department for data on chemicals and impurities so you can decide between drinking from the tap or buying a home filtration system/purifier. We recommend against buying bottled because of the high environmental impact of plastic receptacles.

And while you’re at it, supremely hydrating Coconut Water can be found in grocery stores all year long. Add six ounces to your daily intake of water and up the ante on your skin’s hydration.

Go Pro

We know how it is, facials can be costly and there isn’t always room in the budget. If you can’t swing one every three to eight weeks, try at least to make an appointment with a professional esthetician before spring begins. Even the best home skin-care routine isn’t a replacement for a professional facial. Be sure to discuss any issues or concerns before you begin, so your esthetician can choose a treatment that's specialized for you.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Winter isn’t going to last forever and although we love all four seasons equally, we’re not-so-secretly cheering for the start of spring. Finish the winter strong and without needing to rehab your skin’s health after months of cold weather wear and tear.

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Here’s to keeping you gorgeous!