Our products are made from superior ingredients -

cold pressed extracts, paraben free, fragrance free, synthetic dye free, animal byproduct free and mineral oil free. We don’t test on animals, ever, and every one of our products is made in the USA. We stand behind our custom formulations. But even we have a few ingredient favorites in the squad. These are the ingredients that we turn to when needing to create change in our own skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer in Hydrate Super Serum Moisture Gel

SHC is a superior hydrator that penetrates deep into your skin to support collagen and elastin production where wrinkles form. Able to maintain 5000 times its weight in water, its hydrating properties leave skin smoother, more supple and youthful. The absolute best news about Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer? It is professional grade (translation: super effective) but gentle enough to use as a part of your twice daily ritual under any moisturizer and sun protection.

Glycolic Acid in Power Peel Refining Gel

There’s a lot to love about Glycolic Acid, a perfectly balanced Alpha Hydroxy Acid. It is a serious ingredient designed to uncover and reveal radiant skin by refining its surface and promoting cell-turnover. Rather than having your skin flaking away, Glycolic Acid will leave your skin glowing. You don’t have to see peeling to see results. You do have to feel the acid penetrating to know that its pH balance is on point. Our Glycolic Acid’s tingle tells you that it’s dissolving dead skin to trigger repair and will leave your skin immediately refreshed. This at-home peel is a great stand-alone treatment or a stellar way to supplement treatments in between your visits to the dermatologist or esthetician.

Mushroom Stem in Rehab Acne Serum

Mushrooms have long been used in Chinese medicine to heal, promote longevity and improve health. Those in the know reap the benefits of this wonder-extract in skincare. Mushroom’s natural astringent properties and its ability to soothe and heal make it an effective ingredient in all stages of clearing and healing skin from acne and breakouts. That’s why we couldn’t be more pleased to be featuring it in our two new products for our acne line: Make Amends Night Cream and Rehab Acne Serum.

Tocopherol in Make Amends Night Cream for Acne Skin

Tocopherol, or Vitamin E, is an essential and natural skin conditioner. It heals and repairs without clogging pores or adding to sebum buildup that can cause additional flare-ups of acne. Skin being treated for breakouts can be dried-out, stripped and inflamed. Vitamin E helps to repair that damage and is a powerful antioxidant that when paired up with our other detoxifying ingredients in this skin clarifying, clearing and healing night cream, makes good things happen to your face. Sometimes superstar ingredients team up to be even more awesome together.

Argan Oil and Tripeptide-37 in Eye Revive

Stars collide in our most luscious anti-aging eye cream, Eye Revive. Think firmer skin and fewer fine lines and wrinkles. Argan oil is a miracle worker when it comes to deep, penetrating and plumping moisture in the delicate skin around the eye area. Tripeptide 37 delivers a younger appearance by regenerating the extra cellular matrix of your skin. When applied topically, peptides send signals to your skin cells carrying instructions. Tripeptide 37 is designed to rev up your skin’s synthesis of collagen and to catalyze your skin’s healing and rejuvenating process. Tripeptide 37 is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles in 28 days, reduce wrinkle depth by 88%, improve skin’s smoothness by 45% and increase collagen by up to 175%. This ingredient duo will leave your skin looking plumper, firmer and revived.

When it comes to ingredients, you’re supposed to be choosey.

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