While you’ve been dealing with winter’s skin issues for months, the new season brings a whole new slew of common skin problems. Your skin is already dry from months of rain and snow, and all of a sudden, your skin is sweating and producing oil from warmer weather. If your skin could talk, it would be saying, what are you doing to me!? Here are a few ways to treat common skin problems in the spring.

Bikini line bumps and ingrown hairs
Uh, bikini line bumps… aren’t they the worst? Spring is the first time you’ll wear a swimsuit in six-to-nine months, which means your bikini line could easily become irritated from bikini bottoms and shorts. While we do recommend waxing since it’s less irritating on the skin, you must always exfoliate! But if you do choose to shave your bikini line, keep these shaving tips in mind.

Springtime is the first glimpse of warmer weather, which means you’ll likely begin to sweat more. Unfortunately, pimples on your face, chest, and back could likely surface. Be proactive, and treat your acne skin before the flare-ups begin! Plus, this is the time of year when skin care professionals begin suggesting the use of daily sunscreen. Make sure to choose an oil-free sunscreen that won’t clog pores.

Dry scalp or dandruff
Weather changes and high stress are two main causes of dry scalp. But even if you’ve never experienced issues with dry scalp or dandruff before, dry scalp is one of the most common skin problems in the spring! Similarly, people experience a bad case of flaking skin around their nose and mouth, which stems from high stress and dry skin as well. A dry scalp remedy to keep in mind is to fight the urge to itch, because the dandruff will only get worse! Also, research different shampoos and over-the-counter products to fight dry scalp.