This seems to be a hot topic right now...the “no makeup” makeup look. As we head into summer, we can bet it will become even more popular. And since the best bare it look starts with great skin, it’s important to start getting ready now before the warmer weather hits. Read on for five tips on how to nail the “no makeup” look once and for all...along with the products that will help you do it.

1. A fresh start

Start with a good exfoliator/peel and mask. Brighter skin is just under the surface, so beginning with a peel, and finishing with a moisturizing mask will make all the difference in achieving this look.

2. Primer makes perfect

The right primer gives a little cover and some shimmer which is essential to the “no makeup” look. Here’s a list of several all-natural primers we love.

3. Build a bronze

Yes, it’s true, bronzer, when used correctly can enhance your face even if you aren’t wearing a bit of makeup. The goal is to do it a sun-kissed kind of way...blending your skin tone evenly.

 4. Enhance your eyes

From making sure the whites of your eyes are bright, to natural looking brows and long wispy lashes, your eyes are the windows to this natural look. Lash trick? To make them look longer and fuller without looking too dark, comb through a clear coat of vaseline before curling them.

5. Finish with the lips

Stock up on a good lip scrub to eliminate flakes and dry skin. Then invest in a super moisturizing lip that might even work well to brighten up your cheeks.