Let’s face it, winter is tough on our skin. The cold temperatures, low humidity, and dry air can wreak serious havoc with our face, neck and hands. Throw in indoor heat, hot showers, and harsh cleansers, and our skin is a MESS. But not to worry...there is a solution! Follow these four tips, and you’ll find your winter skin will be glowing in no time.

1. Wash in lukewarm water with an all natural cleanser

We know it’s cold, and the thought of using anything other than hot water sounds terrible, but trust us, hot water is not helping. Keep your water lukewarm, and then be sure to use a soothing, all natural cleanser designed to repair, rejuvenate and refresh your skin such as our Say Goodbye to Dry Antioxidant Cleanser.

2. Moisturize immediately after

Not only does your skin need moisture in the winter months, but it needs it right after you cleanse. Don’t be afraid to use your moisturizer liberally after each wash. For daytime we recommend our Hydrate Super Moisture Serum. It’s like a tall glass of water for your skin. Don’t forget nighttime moisturizing too. Try Moisture Plus Cream-Dry Skin to quench your thirsty winter skin all night long.

3. Protect

Just as you would wear gloves or scarves to protect yourself from the cold, you should still be wearing sunscreen in the winter. Try our Daily Protect SPF 30 Daytime Moisturizer.

4. Exfoliate

Don’t forget to remove the dead skin cells in the colder months...think face, neck, hands, and even gently on your lips. Tu’el’s Power Scrub Exfoliating Wash will leave your skin with a youthful new glow and a great base for moisturizing. Go ahead and treat yourself too. Masks are perfect for winter months, so pamper yourself post holiday with Moisture Plus Mask Treatment.