Do you have a vacation or short trip planned soon? Well, you’re not alone! Summer is the time for travel. However, there’s been a turn of the tide in the past few years. found that 87% of its travelers want to travel sustainably. And believe us, sustainable travel is easy, you just have to know what to look for when booking. Here are three important tips for how to be a green traveler.

Think “green” when planning your trip

It all starts with the planning. When first looking into accommodations and location destinations, do a bit of Googling and spend some time researching. There are tons of resources out there to help you choose the right place. For example, Ethical Traveler is one of those resources that lists the most ethical destinations based on environmental protection, social welfare and human rights. And this is simple, but pack lightly. Look for ways to reuse and recycle on your trip. Planning ahead with travel packs are one way to reduce your waste.

Look for the most eco-friendly way to travel

Now that you’ve got your new sustainable location booked, how do you get there with the smallest carbon footprint? Well, it kind of all depends! Just educate yourself on the most eco friendly ways to travel. For example, cruise lines have historically been the most most damaging, but there are companies like Disney and Hurtigruten who have adjusted their policies to be more sustainable. And if you booked a trip across the ocean, you don’t have many options besides flying. However, you’re not going to be happy about this (kidding!)…always choose the direct flight.

Be selective with activities

Last up, continue to choose green activities during your trip. There are many tours that can promise a wildly close encounter with exotic animals like elephants or tiger cubs, but consider the potential harm. Just always do some research into any company that you’re considering. Shop at local farmers’ markets and restaurants for locally-grown food that comes directly from your destination. It’s better for the local economy and it’ll be absolutely delicious. And if you really want to do some good, some hotels work directly with non-profit and charitable organizations. Honestly, what better way is there to get to know your destination.