Skincare may not seem like the obvious go-to-present in the hunt for treasures to gift your loved ones this holiday season. But many of our products are extremely givable, including our body care line. What says holiday cheer and love more than wanting your friends and family to look and feel their best? What says thoughtful gift more than products crafted sustainably in California, by a small, environmentally conscious, family-owned business? Not a thing.


‘Tis the season for skin and body care delights. Use our inaugural gift picks to help light the way. All of our recommended products are easily incorporated into your loved ones’ existing health and beauty routines.


Want to gift mom or dad that extra little oomph of anti-aging magic? Does your sister love her smile but not the lines that come along with it? Is your daughter a sun-worshipping goddess who needs to protect herself from harmful UV rays? Is there a golfer (runner, hiker, or outdoorsman or woman) in your life that could use a daytime moisturizer with SPF? Want to splurge on something really fabulous for that special person in your life? Read on, friends. We have the gift for you.


With no further ado….we give you (cue the trumpets)….. Tu’el Holiday Gift Picks of 2014!


Botanical Blast Ultra Rich Body Lotion


What: The newest addition to Tu’el’s line of body products. This body lotion is beloved by all who come across it. Seriously rich, brimming with botanical extracts, natural emollients, vitamins and pure essential oils, Botanical Blast is a one of a kind antioxidant supercharged body lotion.


Who: Anyone deserving of natural luxury in a bottle. This makes a fabulous gift for a loved one or a thoughtful gift for an acquaintance. Pair this with a scented candle or simply wrap a ribbon around the bottle and this could be your go-to hostess gift of the season.


Tip: Trust us, this ultra rich lotion is one of a kind and will appeal to anyone who enjoys pampering themselves. For an extra-special gift, pair this with Triple Splash 3 in 1 Hydrating Body Tonic, and then sit back and wait for the thank you notes to arrive.


Body Polish Kit Exfoliation Set


What: This duo includes our Green Clean Invigorating Body Wash and a pair of premium grade pumice gloves. Gloves are durable and machine washable. Green Clean is a daily body wash that uses the natural conditioning and cleansing properties of botanicals to refresh and energize with its suds. The lucky receiver of this duo will have soft, supple skin in no time.


Who: An aunt or uncle you’ll see over a holiday dinner. Your callused-elbowed husband or wife. Your secret Santa or white elephant contribution in the office. Your shower-loving sister (splurge and pair this kit with body lotion for her!).


Tip: Similar to the body lotion before it, this Body Polish Kit Exfoliation Set is extremely givable. Its scent and functionality work for men and women alike.


Daily Protect SPF 30 Daytime Moisturizer or Daily Protect Oil Free SPF 30 Daytime Moisturizer


What: Multi-action skin defenders, supercharged with antioxidants, sun protection and essential daytime hydration. Easily incorporated into anyone’s existing skincare regime. Choose from two formulas: Daily Protect SPF 30 Daytime Moisturizer, ideal for cold climates and dry or mature skin, and Daily Protect Oil Free SPF 30 Daytime Moisturizer, idea for all other skin types.


Who: Your beach-loving, mountain-hiking, nature-worshipping, health conscious daughters and sons. Your retired golf-happy parents living down in Boca. Your eccentric Aunt Mildred who doesn’t believe in wearing sun protection daily. Anyone you want to protect from sun damage. (And don’t forget to throw one in for yourself.)


Tip: Great as a stocking stuffer or paired with a tote, hat, baseball cap, sunglasses, ski passes and beach vacations (in our dreams).


Hydrate Super Serum Moisture Gel


What: Able to maintain 5000 times its weight in water, our all-time best seller’s hydrating properties pull double duty, protecting skin from the environmental stresses of the day and restoring it at night. Designed to go under moisturizers (even ones that aren’t ours!), Hydrate is easily added to your loved ones’ beauty routines.


Who: Anyone who cares for their skin. But seriously, your brother, father, husband, or anyone who is turned-off by those flowery fragranced skincare products. Your sister, cousin, or friend who is resistant to changing their beauty ritual. Or yourself if all this gift giving is making you covet something of your own…


Tip: Hydrate is a great serum to pair with any other Tu’el products. It’s majorly versatile and works for all skin types. Did we mention how chic the glass bottle is? An especially great gift for the environmentally conscious and those who are fed up with plastic.


And the grand finale…


The Secret Youth Serum


What: A revolutionary multifunction serum. The Secret gently and specifically targets and eliminates dead skin cells and catalyzes comprehensive cell renewal. Salmon roe water proteins act as bio-specific exfoliants that mimic skin’s enzymes to accelerate rejuvenating functions. Citrus stem cells supercharge elastin production to noticeably improve facial contours and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.


Who: Your mother, father, wife, husband or beloved family member with mature skin. Your sister who is worried about laugh lines (stop making her smile so much!) or your grown daughter who wants to stop the signs of aging before they start.


Tip: This serum is really something special. It goes on before your moisturizer and can be easily integrated into a beauty regime – as all our serums can.


Okay gift-givers, these picks will get you started, but really, we can’t recommend our products (even those not listed here) highly enough. We stand by our quality and craft skincare that we use ourselves and gift to our loved ones and friends.


We wish you happy holidays, from our family at Tu’el to yours.