A lot of people have dedicated skin care routines (we’re sure that includes you, too!), but there’s one component that is easily forgotten. Exfoliation seems to be more of a buzzword these days than a critical component of your skin care routine! Keep reading to better understand the key benefits of exfoliating your skin.

Brightens complexion
You may have wondered about dull skin causes before, which leads to you obsessing over brightening your complexion! In fact, dull skin causes include a lack of exfoliation due to the uneven buildup of dry skin cells. Exfoliation removes different layers of dead skin to smooth out an uneven surface that also makes skin look brighter and smoother when makeup is applied!

Better absorption of products
Probably the most widely-accepted reason to exfoliate is for better product penetration. When the skin is exfoliated clear of dead skin and blocked pores, product doesn’t sit on the top layer of the skin, which is why exfoliation is extremely important for those who have dry skin. When your skin starts to feel drier than usual (especially in the summer!), use an exfoliating scrub prior to moisturizing.

Reduces acne flare-ups
To reduce acne breakouts, we religiously cleanse our skin… but what about exfoliating?! Yes, reducing acne breakouts is one of the key benefits of exfoliating your skin. The process unclogs pores to remove the dirt, oil and bacteria that can cause flare-ups.

P.S. Here’s a pro tip - rather than exfoliating using scrubs with plastic beads (please don’t use these on your skin!), you can easily exfoliate using oils. We’ve suggested the use of oils for a lot of things, but we can’t say enough about them!