Christmas is a time for traditions...and yes, our family has a few (Some we’ll just keep to ourselves!). So as we get ready to celebrate the holidays, we thought we’d share four new holiday traditions that might be fun for you and your family to try. Happy holidays from our family to yours.

Light a candle and read a story
Each night in December light a special candle and read a holiday classic with your kids. It’s a great way to celebrate the season each night, while taking the time to slow down and spend time together.

Have a cookie bake-off
Who doesn’t love a little family competition around the holidays? Gather everyone together and have them bake right there at the party (Don’t forget the eggnog to sip while baking!), or they can make the cookies ahead of time, and bring them for a festive taste test. Make it more creative by asking everyone use the same specific ingredient! Then share the leftovers with each other or a neighbor.

Volunteer as a family at a food bank or soup kitchen
This is a great way to make sure your kids understand the true meaning of Christmas...and the importance of giving back to your community. Whether it’s serving food to the homeless on Christmas Eve, or donating new and used toys to kids in need, take time to help others as a family. Do the same thing each year, or find a new way to give back each year. Volunteering even has an added can make you feel better and live longer.

Enjoy a family meal
Plan a long, leisurely meal, that includes family favorites or even better? Make dishes that are part of your family history, heritage or traditions. As you are enjoying the meal, tell family stories, show photos or videos. This is a great way to keep the everyone connected, and make sure family traditions are passed down to each generation.