Yoga is a simple exercise to release the mind and tone the body. Thankfully, yoga suits everyone’s needs! You can practice at home, in a class or through watching a video. Plus, there’s only a few essentials to practicing, but there’s always an endless list of yoga must-haves.

YogiToes Skidless Towel
Practicing yoga with socks on is nearly impossible, so why would you put yourself through the pain of sliding all over your mat? This YogiToes Skidless Towel is made from highly absorbent microfiber, but it’s a pretty thin material. If you like a bit more support, layer this on top of the yoga mat you currently practice with. We promise, you’ll never slip again!

Yoga on Demand
Get yoga on demand through purchasing DVDs or following a few YouTube channels. What’s fun about this must-have is that it’s easy to put on a computer, tablet, or television whenever and wherever. It’s a simple alternative for when you can’t make it to class and need to practice on your own time. If you’re not familiar with any channels, take a look atYoga with Adriene -- it's our go-to!

Yoga Cookie Cutters
Okay, maybe you don’t need this item, but it’s an adorable idea! You practice all that yoga anyways, you might as well bring your practice into the kitchen. Yummi Yoga has some funky products, but we’re obsessed with the cookie cutter collection.

Yoga Mat Bag
A yoga mat bag is an essential item if you frequent yoga studios or classes. Although you don’t need a mat bag to practice, they are more beneficial than you think! Keep your cell phone, car keys, a towel for sweat, maybe grip socks, or extra hair ties in your bag. If you’re anything like us, you forget where you put all of this stuff during class!

The Little Book of Yoga
Yes! We’re throwing in a holiday gift idea! The Little Book of Yoga is every yogi’s guide to the mental side of yoga and includes pose instructions for beginners to experts. Whether your favorite yogi is just taking up an interest or is going on 10 years of strong practice, this little book is a thoughtful gift idea. P.S., it’s the perfect size for a stocking stuffer!