Ah, fall, we always look forward to this cooler weather, the holidays and pumpkin-flavored goods! But at the same time, many of us suffer from tired looking skin and eyes. Unfortunately, the summer season can do a number on healthy skin making it feel dry, tired and dull. Luckily, Tu’el has all the products that you can trust to restore and rebalance your skin just in time for fall. Keep reading, because here are the best products to rejuvenate and rebalance your skin. Wait for it…and they’re all available at sale price.

Super Soothe 2 in 1 Mask
If you’re looking for an anti-redness mask to calm and hydrate your skin, Tu’el Super Soothe 2 in 1 Mask is the ultimate antidote. So here’s the deal: your skin is dry and dab from sunburns, chlorine overexposure, strong UV rays and other environmental agents. In just under three minutes, its powerful antioxidants and Willow Bark extract reduce redness by up to 60%… yes, it works that fast. We recommend you treat your entire face, but you can always spot treat too.

Hydrate Super Serum Moisture Gel
There are a few reasons we had to put the Hydrate Super Serum Moisture Gel on this list of best products for tired summer skin. First, it is hands-down the best product for dull skin. Since Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer is the primary ingredient, you can bet that your skin will finally get the hydration it deserves. Plus, this ingredient works to improve skin elasticity, which has been damaged during the summer months. And this anti-aging skin care masterpiece helps your skin bounce back quicker from premature aging and wrinkles.

Rescue Me Essential Oil
While some people struggle with premature wrinkles, your skin may suffer from discoloration or age spots. These issues are where Rescue Me Essential Oil comes in. Its antioxidant level and plant extracts visibly reduce and lighten age spots to fight off discoloration. We suggest you follow up with Hydrate Super Serum Moisture Gel once or twice daily to really resurrect healthy skin.

Before you purchase store-bought products to restore dull skin, consider the ingredients. Harsh chemicals and fillers can irritate your skin even further. If you’re interested in Tu’el’s dedication to natural skin care and products, learn more about us and the rest of the items featured in our fall sale here.