In the past few years, brands are just now tapping into the health conscious consumer... also known as all of you guys! In fact, The Skin Care Blog predicted that this past year, 2016, would see a trend in natural beauty as if it were no longer just a fad. At Tu’el, we know our consumers. You guys aren’t choosing to use a vegan, cruelty free, and botanical-based skin care line because it’s the trending thing. It’s part of your overall lifestyle choice, and you understand the benefits of this for our clients! We are proud to say at Tu’el, we set that health conscious skin care foundation thanks to the innovation of our founder Eva Friederichs.

Botanical Ingredients
In today’s world, it’s mainstream knowledge that ingredients such as green tea or avocado have powerful effects. But back in 1980, the research was only beginning. And can you guess who was at the forefront of botanical skin care research then? Ding, ding, ding! It was Eva.

So while some brands are just now realizing that consumers want to know the details behind the product ingredients, Eva was using natural and safe ingredients before it was “cool.” Since we have 30+ years of experience in natural beauty, our health conscious skin care products have been modernized for today’s informed consumers.

You all are today’s modern consumer, and you hold the brands you love to high ethical standards by demanding that there never be animal testing or synthetic fragrances and parabens allowed in products. Consumers want products they can trust and ingredients they can understand (It’s kind of frightening when an ingredient sounds like a toxic chemical right??!!). And rather than beating around the bush and producing ambiguous statements about our ethical standards, Eva gave us a three-decade long history of commitment to transparency. A commitment Tu’el will always support: go ahead and check out our complete list of ingredients here.