What is the legacy behind some of your favorite skin care or makeup brands? Many brands are known for the bold, eye-catching colors or their famous spokesmodels, but at Tu’el, we pride ourselves on our family legacy. Thanks to our founder and mother of seven, Eva Friederichs , Tu’el has two generations of experience in creating the perfect skin care line for every age, gender, ethnicity, and condition. Keep reading for details on the legacy that Eva has created.

Creating a skin care line for the American culture
If you should know anything about Eva, it is that she genuinely inspired women and men alike. Just like the diversity of America’s population, Eva created Tu’el Skin Care to work for every skin type. Tu’el preaches that youth has no age, and everyone is beautiful in their own skin.

Botanical based lines
From the beginning, Eva set out to create a natural, plant based skin care line. She even travelled internationally to meet with some of the best botanical chemists available to her. Now, nearly 50 years later, we’re still using synthetic free, natural ingredients. And do you know the best part? We’ve been using the power of botanicals before it was a trend!

Tu’el Skin Care
Eva’s goals to create a botanical skin care line for all Americans came to formation in Tu’el Skin Care. Eva’s daughters, Lori and Lisa, have taken over the family legacy, and take it from the success of Tu’el, they have stayed true to their mother’s vision.

Eva worked hard to change the beauty industry to have higher standards, inspire women, and educate skin care professionals. Today, Tu’el Skin Care stays true to Eva’s game changer attitude by continuing to be free of synthetic fragrances and chemicals, and our products are always 100% cruelty free; which is something we hope you’ll stand behind too.