Let’s spend May exploring uncharted territory … whether it’s outside or inside of you. 

Discovering something new stimulates your mind, body and spirit. It’s through that discovery that we learn more about ourselves – who we are, what we’re made of, what we want. And because there’s no time like the present to thrive and strive, we’ve named May the month of discovery.

Self Discovery

Sure we get into ruts - we’re human. But break out of the hum-drum in May by discovering your inner outsider. Dare to wear, bare, or express something you wouldn’t normally. Don’t bite your tongue; speak up for yourself, even if it’s going to ruffle a few feathers. Forget about fitting in and instead, embrace your authentic self. Be you. Even if you love something that isn’t “in” or “on point”. Individualism is never stale. Being true to yourself never gets old. > It’s these little nuances that make us unique. So break away from the pack. Walk the long way to work. Laugh louder. Dance without inhibitions. Listen to your inner voice more than you listen to all those external forces telling you what to be, say or do.

The point: Be you. No one does it better.

World Discovery

It’s amazing how seeing and learning about a new place can change your entire perspective. Your Eureka moment doesn’t need to be a plane ride away. Pack an overnight bag and hit the road. Beat the summer rush to the shore or seaside. Take that mini-holiday at the bed breakfast you’ve been dying to visit or center yourself with a spa day or Zen workshop.

Can’t steal away for a day or weekend trip? Don’t sweat it. Our insta-fix for wanderlust is perusing the New York Times annual Where to Go Next guides. Check out 2015 here! The best part, the world is always at your fingertips. Make time in May to find your personal oases, even if it’s only in your imagination.

Product Discovery

Ramp up your skincare regime by introducing a new product. Step up your summer pre-game with our custom blended essential oils. Our Botanical Boosters are designed for your individual skin type and can be the game changer your complexion needs this season. These antioxidant essential oil blends are nothing but pure plant extracts. Restore, hydrate, clear, purify, control, or preserve your complexion with these boosters that fit into every skin care regimen.

Your beauty regime already all dialed out? Try a new scented candle (we recommend non-toxic soy rather than paraffin). Introducing new scents can increase brain power and productivity, and even transform your mood.

Health Discovery

Great nutrition is a moving target. We’re constantly discovering new ways to maximize our health from the inside-out. Taste buds change; recipes and stand-by foods need to be switched up. Browse your produce department this May and pick up a green, vegetable, root, or fruit you haven’t tried before. Dandelion greens? Add them to your smoothie to help balance blood sugar and improve digestive health. Turmeric root? Throw it in the juicer with your morning greens to give your body a boost of anti-inflammatory goodness. Chia seeds? Sprinkle on your oatmeal or salad to instantly up the ante on your lunch or breakfast’s Omega-3 power.

Our superfood find of May is concentrated chlorophyll. Sound bizarre? It isn’t. Your well-stocked health foods store likely has several different kinds. Derived from leafy greens, we put a few drops of this chlorophyll in a tall glass of water and revel in its enlightening effects. Chlorophyll builds stronger blood cells, rids your blood of toxins, and oxygenates the blood and brain for a sharper mind and longer focus.

Use May to engage with yourself, others, and your surroundings in new ways. Reject the status-quo and push forward. Be you – it’s always enough.

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Here’s to keeping you as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside!