We know the deal. We get older, we get wiser. And despite this youth obsessed culture of ours, we’re all for aging gracefully.

Skin changes with age, each decade bringing a new challenge, and it follows that our skincare routines should change too. Caring for your skin is a long term investment and we’re here to help you make bank.

Your 20s

All you 20somethings, now is the time to start a skincare routine. This is your decade for preventing and minimizing all the skin ills of your 30s, 40s, and beyond. Cleanse your face morning and night, remove makeup before you exercise and cleanse after, find a good esthetician and establish regular facials, stay hydrated, focus on good nutrition, and exfoliate once a week.

You’re not a teenager anymore but you’re still visited by breakouts and acne flare-ups. Though you’ve likely noticed that they’ve packed their bags to migrate from your forehead and nose, to your chin and jawline. Blame hormone levels that change as you age.

Find a cleanser designed to stop breakouts before they start, heal existing pimples, and nourish and cleanse youthful skin without over-drying or stripping. There are lots of powerful acne zappers out there but long term use of many can lead to scarring. You’re in luck! We’ve just redesigned our Let’s Be Clear Here Power Wash Gel to be more effective than ever with Cajeput, Tea Tree, and Palmarosa. These natural astringents clear skin and heal past damage.

Sun protection. Sun protection. Sun protection. We can’t stress this one enough. Apply sunscreen every single day. Rain or shine. Indoors or outside. Make it your personal mantra. Your future-self will thank us.

Your 30s

Getting older is great – it’s a gift. And you’re a pro at your life by now. You’re kicking butt and taking names in your career and home life. So why is your skin still acting out? Chances are your skin ills during these years are tied to aging, stress, and the hormonal fluctuations known as perimenopause, a drawn-out period of time when your body’s reproductive system slows down until you hit menopause.

Don’t abandon your skincare routine, just tweak it a little. If your complexion is clear, switch to a more Milk Cleanser or Power Wash Gel, one designed for your skin type. We’re partial to cleansing with a gel or milk wash in the morning and then using one of our Cleansing Oil and Herbal Toner duos at night for perfectly balanced complexions. Maybe you weren’t careful enough with sun protection in your teens and 20s, and sun damage is beginning to show. Maybe your face is as smooth as a baby’s arse. Either way, now is not the time to throw in the towel. Continued sun protection is vital.

Starting to notice fine lines? It’s your body beginning to produce less collagen. Prevention is still the game, even after you begin noticing signs of aging. This is the decade of the anti-aging serum and mask. Try using our Lift Up Firming Mask at least once a week, morning or night. And here’s an insider’s tip from one of our estheticians: You can mix a very small dollop with your eye cream (we use Eye Revive because of its peptide packed formula) and reap the benefits all day or night long. Serum-wise, introduce a product like our C Power Antioxidant Vitamin C Serum into your morning routine before you apply your moisturizer (with SPF!). C Power helps defend your skin from free radicals and their nasty effects, plus it rolls back the clock on sun damage.

Your 40s

40 is the new 30 and you’re really getting the hang of being both youthful and wise. Those fine lines are deepening though and your crow’s feet are more noticeable. Fear not friends, while it wouldn’t be the worst thing letting your wrinkles see the light of day (they are badges of honor after all) we understand the appeal of forever young.

You’re a pro at sun protection, keep it going. Now is the time to switch your cleanser and/or cleansing oil and herbal toner to one designed for mature skin. Try Rescue Me Deep Pore Cleansing Oil and Rescue Me Deep Pore Herbal Toner.

Continue use of C Power Antioxidant Vitamin C Serum in the mornings under your moisturizer, but add in our U Turn Peptide Firming Serum morning and night. U Turn will help prevent fine lines from deepening. Its peptides, botanicals, and vitamins can actually reverse the visible signs of aging.

Pay extra attention to skin’s hydration. As you age, skin thins and can become prone to dryness. Consider switching to a more emollient nighttime moisturizer like our Rescue Me Cream.

Most importantly, remember that age is just a number. You are timeless.

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Here’s to keeping you as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside!