If you’ve perused our website lately, you may have noticed something big (and sleek and stunning). Our Cleansing Oils and Herbal Toners have a chic new look. We let the cleansing duo’s functionality guide us. The pair is now sold together, side by side, as a Cleansing System. The Cleansing Oil with a bold 1 on the bottle and the Herbal Toner with a 2. All dressed up with nowhere to go but your bathroom counter. And trust us, you’re going to want to show these off.

Our goal was to design a bottle and packaging that was as authentic, sleek, and powerful as our Cleansing System is. They’re show stoppers in glass bottles. They feel good in the hand, with maximum functionality. And above all, they look as simple, easy to use, and effective as the powerful formulas inside are.

Why go oil?
Our Cleansing Systems are a way of life.
Cleansing Oils and Herbal Toners have more tricks up their sleeves than other cleanser types. They purify deeper than milks or gels do. They bind with your skin’s natural oils to draw out dirt, make-up and pore-clogging pollutants. Many foaming and gel cleansers work only on the surface of your skin, drying outer layers without leaving your complexion wholly refreshed. Our Cleansing Oils and Herbal Toners gently penetrate and exfoliate as you massage them into your face,neck and décolleté. They don’t strip your skin’s oils but work with them to cut oil production, heal blemishes, increase cellular turnover, and tone and tighten.

Each of our Cleansing Oils has been designed for your individual skin type, their formulas tailor-made for mature, combo/oily, reactive, dry or acne skin. This means an even deeper cleanse for you. Combined with their specially designed Herbal Toners, they become water soluble to ultra cleanse, leaving absolutely no residue once washed away. They leave your skin prepped for maximum absorption of serums, creams and masks, since those post-cleanse products will be able to penetrate deeper and deliver active ingredients where they’re most powerful. The first and most important step is picking which Cleansing System is best for your skin type. You can identify your skin type here. The second step, get your hot little hands on those products!

Next comes the really easy part. Our chic glass bottles are already numbered 1 and 2. Use 1, Cleansing Oil, first. Massage on while your skin is dry. We like to spend a minute being thorough, feeling the oil warm slightly so we know it’s working, exfoliating, and toning under our fingers. Once you’re satisfied, use 2, Herbal Toner, and massage to combine with the oil. The Herbal Toner will bond and break down your Cleansing Oil, making it water soluble. When you’re satisfied the two are combined, gradually add room temperature water, cool to warm is fine also, and massage. This method thoroughly draws out impurities, leaves your skin pH balanced, and washes away both products. Repeat every night. Follow with your favorite serum and moisturizer.

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