Athletes pay extreme attention to what they eat...everything from vitamins and minerals to pre and post workout meals, so shouldn’t the rest of us? Although we aren’t professional athletes, many of us do exercise several times per week (it’s all a part of a healthy lifestyle!). Even then, what we eat is a crucial component to any exercise routine. If you’re feeling exhausted, weak, or just aren’t seeing results, then your dietary choices are most likely the problem.

Your body needs fuel to repair muscle damage
Regardless of whether you completed a long run or strength training workout in the gym, you burned fat, depleted your energy storage, and tore down your muscles. Your after workout snack is your chance to restore and refuel for tomorrow… without proper nutrition, fitness levels don’t improve. Instead, your body just continues to operate under extreme stress! And we all know how stress affects our health and skin. So, what are the best foods to eat after a workout? Here is a list of some easy go-to snacks to eat after a workout:

  • Protein shake with protein powder and fruit
  • Chocolate milk
  • Eggs and toast
  • Yogurt with granola or a serving of fruit
  • Turkey sandwich or wrap
  • Fruit and nuts
  • Cup of cereal with 2% milk
  • Two rice cakes with a tablespoon of peanut butter

The best food for muscle repair is a 3:1 blend of carbohydrates and protein
In order to refuel wasted energy and help muscles recover, LIVESTRONG suggests that you aim for a 3:1 carb-to-protein combination. And lucky for you, all of the above suggested snacks to eat after a workout offer that healthy blend! Even if you want something quick to grab like a protein bar, just check the nutrition facts. The ideal numbers are between 30-40g of carbohydrates and 10-15g of protein.