The teenage years can be difficult for most. Most likely, your teen is experiencing acne flare ups for the first time thanks to puberty’s changing hormones. It can be hard to establish a consistent skin care routine for your teen considering their hectic schedules and non-stop lifestyle. Keep reading for a four-step natural skin care routine that your teen can easily follow.

You’ll know it’s time to bring up a skin care routine for your teen when you begin to see oily skin or breakouts, but recommend an easy skin care routine with just a few steps that starts with cleansing. Cleansing the skin is one of the most important lessons in hygiene you can teach your teens! Get them on a regimen now, and they are likely to take good care of themselves down the road.

You don’t know how their skin will react ( such as whether it’s sensitive), so make sure to chose a safe cleanser. Have them start by just washing their face once per day, and gradually build up to twice. Some skin reacts to too much cleansing by producing more oils, and make sure to talk to your teen about what else could be sparking flare ups.

The meat of your teen’s skin care routine only has two steps: cleanse and moisturize. That’s not asking too much, is it!? Not only do moisturizers condition the skin and prevent dryness, but it’s also the easiest way to prevent premature aging. We know that they probably don’t care about this yet, but it’s important to start instilling good habits!

Sunburns are more dangerous than ever before, and skin cancer rates are on the rise even though it’s the most preventable type of cancer. With that in mind, protect and prevent is the name of our game! Preach it to your teens early in life that they must wear SPF. Plus, just get them a moisturizer with SPF to basically eradicate this extra step.

Occasional Treatment
Find a spot treatment or acne mask that your teen can use for an occasional treatment. Hence, the word, “occasional.” We mean it! Too much spot treatment can really irritate and dry the skin out (the size of any spot treatment should be no more than the size of a pea!). Although the occasional mask or treatment acts like an intervention for acne, it also is an easy way to boost your teen’s confidence. Acne solutions are a positive step towards clear skin, so your teen has hope if they are dealing with blemishes.

Keep your teen on the same skin care routine for about a month before switching any solutions. Acne solutions take time to work on the skin, and changing products too often can lead to an increase in breakouts.