Happy gift-planning season, everyone! We’re just days away from December, which means it’s that time of year to begin your holiday shopping. And as much as we all love invigorating skin care, it can be awkward unwrapping skin care products (hello, does anyone actually want to hear that they need an acne treatment or wrinkle-reducing cream?). Even if you have the best intentions, you can always play it safe and gift loved ones with luscious body moisturizer.

Botanical Blast Ultra Rich Body Lotion
The name gives it away, but can you figure out what fuels the Botanical Blast Ultra Rich Body Lotion? You guessed it: botanicals. This rich body lotion moisturizes from fingers to toes through its unique blend of 15 unique plant extracts, vitamins, essential oils, and natural emollients. Basically, it’s your favorite cold-pressed juice but made for your skin. It’s also exploding with antioxidants, and when combined with our Green Clean Invigorating Body Wash, your skin will thank you. Pair these two up for an awesome holiday gift, and introduce your family and friends to the benefits of botanicals. We could go on with gift ideas, but stick with the natural and botanical theme, and combine your body care gift with unique herbal teas and essential oils.

Body Travel Pack
The second body care product on our list of favorite luscious moisturizer holiday gift ideas is the Tu’el Body Travel Pack. Complete with to-go sizes of the Ultra Rich Body Lotion, Green Clean Invigorating Body Wash and the Triple Splash Hydrating 3-in-1 Body Tonic, this body kit was made for someone who travels a lot. It combines all of the Tu’el Skin Care body products in one amazing travel pack, and it makes a fun stocking stuffer! Due to its smaller size, the Body Travel Pack is a great gift option for kids. Since it’s all botanical based, these products are much safer than the harsh chemicals they use right now. We promise -- gifting luscious, natural body care will bring you nothing but appreciation!