Everything that feels amazing about summer...heat, sun, more time outdoors...can also damage your skin in a major way. How can something that feels so good, be so bad right? But don’t worry, it is possible for to get through the summer with healthy, glowing skin. Read on for four of our favorite tips to take care of skin this summer.

1. Professional treatments

Professional treatments such as enzyme peels are great for dried out summer skin. An exfoliating wash made with gentle exfoliators and botanicals is ideal for even sensitive skin, as they work to dissolve cells at the surface layer of skin to reveal a soft and hydrated layer below. And kaolin, which is an oil-absorbing clay, corrects skin that over-produces oil. We want hydrated, not greasy!

2. Hydrate skin at home with antioxidants

Powerful antioxidant-rich products help to add an extra layer of protection to keep skin healthy longer. Start applying antioxidants early on in summer and use it often! Combined with SPF protection, your skin will thank you. Also consider a serums such as C Power which protects the skin while getting rid of dark spots and smoothing lines

3. Treat sun-damaged skin

Discoloration, aging, inflammation, and dullness are three of the most common concerns during summer. So what should you do if you get a sunburn? Don’t think that when your skin burns that it’s all downhill from there. Cover any burned skin with clothing so the damage doesn’t get worse, and apply cooling products that contain aloe vera.

4. Use skin protection… daily!

SPF daily is not a joke...it’s actually a game changer when it comes to skin care. Wear it under it makeup for the protection you need even just driving to work in the morning. When out and about, it’s crucial that you apply sunscreen at least every two hours. There are other skin protection solutions as well - hats, sunglasses, clothing, etc. All can help to prevent premature aging caused from too much sun exposure.