Spring is officially here, and yes that means only a few more months until bathing suit season. Panicking yet? Well instead of worrying, let’s get to work. Here are five of the biggest workout trends of 2018...some of which you can easily work into your day, or mix things up and take on several of these fitness trends. You could even consider starting a workout group with your co-workers...group fitness training is another big trend this year.

1.High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT as it’s known, is hands down the hottest fitness trend of 2018. HIIT training involves bursts of maximum effort (you are working really, really hard for about 20-90 seconds) and then a period of low-intensity recovery. Typically 30 minutes or less, they are shorter workouts, but definitely not sweet. And because of the high-level of intensity, you shouldn’t be doing HIIT workouts everyday or you might risk injury. Remember when it comes to HIIT workouts, think incredibly efficient and effective when it comes to burning lots of calories.


One of our personal favorites of course because of its obvious Zen like qualities. While it’s been on the list for a few years now it continues to grow in popularity, thanks partly to the fact that there is something for everyone...from Power to Bikram and everything in between.

3. Group Training

While not on the list until 2017, group workouts are definitely a big deal right now. Group training is defined as five or more people, led by an instructor. Effective all fitness types, group training is beneficial because it mixes up your workout routine, provides moral support, and is are often fun types of workouts. And by signing up for a specific class, there is a level of accountability to your workout.

4. Wearable Technology

These little devices that track how you move and how your body functions throughout the day are everywhere. From tracking steps to monitoring sleep, they can be effective in understanding and measuring fitness goals. And now wearable tech is going beyond the wrist, smart fabrics are on the rise as are smart eyeglasses and even smart rings.

5. Body Weight Training

Although this fitness trend has been around awhile, it’s growing in popularity thanks to the convenience aspect. Your own body makes for great resistance training...think push ups, planks, squats and lunges, so there’s no equipment and minimal space required, making this a great option for anywhere, anytime workouts.