We’ll be the first to admit that it’s easy to get bitten by the travel bug. One minute, you attend a destination wedding in Maui, and the next, you’re looking up flights to Europe! We understand, which is why we dedicated a blog to traveling to Bali for the first time… it’s beautiful, tropical, and just recently named the world’s best tourist destination. Here is a quick Bali travel guide for first timers.

Summer is the perfect time to travel
If you’re looking for Bali travel tips and advice, we’ll start with the weather. Avoid the monsoon season! Monsoons typically occur from October through March, and plus you want to enjoy Bali when the temperatures are warm. Aim for late spring-to-summertime when the temperatures are pretty mild, averaging at about 86 degrees. We say it every time, but pack your sun protection!

Mount Batur
You already know how we feel about exercise! Plus, you can squeeze a little in during vacation, right? Make sure to plan a trip to Mount Batur… this volcano has stunning sunset and sunrise views similar to that of Mount Haleakala in Maui. There are tour guides available if you don’t want to do one of our favorite Bali points of interest alone, which can cost anywhere from 300,000 to 400,000 IDR. It’s a big number, but the Indonesian Rupiah sits at .000075 of the US dollar!

Ancient temples and palaces
You can’t have a Bali travel guide for first timers without direction on the ancient temples and palaces… Bali is packed with culture thriving in temples, palaces, ceremonies, festivals, and more. Stop at one of the nine directional temples and Mother Temple, or Pura Besakih. You’ll get a real feel of the culture and country that you’re in, but remember that there are cultural rules here to know before entering. We shouldn’t even have to say it (we know you’ve heard!), but the sacred monkey reserves are an absolute must… try the Ubud Monkey Forest first!

Scuba diving and snorkeling
There is probably hundreds of snorkeling locations in Bali, but we’ll start you off with a few helpful hints. The Coral Triangle stands out for us because of its massive size and biodiversity… did you know it has about 76% of every known coral species? If not, now you do! For the divers out there, visit the wreck of the U.S. cargo ship, Liberty, which sits in fairly shallow waters. You won’t be disappointed with the ship, turquoise waters and outstanding visibility!