Once you realize the difference between botanical skin care products and drugstore brands, you’ll understand why natural skin care is such a big deal! From health benefits to the ingredients themselves, here are four main reasons why botanical skin care products are better.

You Know the Main Ingredient
We’ll get straight to the point. In many skin care products, there is probably a 1% chance that you know what the two main ingredients are. Better yet, it’s hard to even pronounce them! When you use botanical skin care products, you know what the main ingredients are and where they come from.

You Avoid Synthetic Additives
For us at Tu’el, synthetic additives are a HUGE no-no! These ingredients, such as parabens or synthetic fragrances, are two ingredients to always avoid. When you opt for a natural, botanical-based line, there are no added ingredients that could increase inflammation or wreak havoc on your skin. Tu’el will never use any of these ingredients in our products.

What’s even scarier about these synthetic additives is that we don’t know many of the long-term effects. Don’t base your purchasing decision on advertising labels or the price; take a hard look at the synthetic ingredients before making a decision!

Botanicals Improve the Skin
Botanicals have been scientifically proven to benefit skin ailments, so this one is a no-brainer! But in addition, botanical skin care products have no fillers or additives, which can irritate the skin and cause chronic inflammation in the long run.

Skin is the Largest Organ in the Body
It’s easy to overlook skin care when there are so many other health issues to worry about like your heart or lungs. However, the skin is the body’s largest organ! Your body absorbs everything you put onto your skin. So if you only eat organic foods, or you pay close attention to food nutrition, apply that same thinking into your skin care routine.