What values do you look for in a brand? Is it trustworthiness or reputation? What about legacy? In the case of Tu’el, our family legacy is what drives us forward! Our commitment to natural, chemical-free and botanical skin care runs deep through our history; in fact, it stems from our family legacy. Here are three reasons why you can trust the Tu’el family legacy.

Leading Force in Botanical Skin Care
We don’t just say that Tu’el is free of parabens, chemicals, and synthetic dyes, we’ve been doing it from the start. Tu’el founder and our mother, Eva Friederichs, was instrumental in the beginnings of botanical skin care. She travelled in the early ‘80s to work with the leaders in the industry, conducting research on botanicals and eventually taking what she had found to create Tu’el. It’s pretty magical, isn’t it!? We think so too!

Two Generations of Skin Care Experience
Even though Eva retired, that doesn’t mean her philosophies left with her! Now run by her two daughters, Lisa and Lori, Tu’el is now in its second generation of skin care science. The second generation of this family legacy has adjusted with new science and research findings, but Tu’el will always stick to what we do best: natural and botanical ingredients.

Eva Friederichs was Instrumental in Educating Estheticians
Eva was one of the first innovators to provide education to skin care professionals through tradeshows and seminars. In fact, she pushed forward licensing requirements for estheticians, helping to differentiate the industry from cosmetology. She even was a part of creating the first esthetician examination. And with no surprise, she was named a “Legend in Aesthetics” by Dermascope magazine! Tu’el has always advocated for stronger licensing and standards in the skincare industry, so you can trust the fact that we hold our company, products and ingredients to higher standards too.